heroItoh No.1の画像・動画

heroItoh No.1の画像

HEROItoh 2019/09/11(水) 00:53:19

I was born in 1965 in Japan.

My works are mainly


and "performance-art".


It is our consciousness separate a certain form from this world, and prescribe as one meaningful existence.

The "good" "bad" "beauty" " ugly", and we classify the same things by personal consciousness.

I think the personal consciousness is made by "intellectual" "sensitivity" "wisdom".

I use Consciousness as a device. I produce a work by technique unlike the work of the West to assemble a picture based on a plan that is the Orient-like technique such as the black-and-white drawing to begin to spin "the beauty" and "an impression" from a stain.

copyright by Heroitoh

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